Monday 4 February 2013

Lucian Freud leaves a beautiful painting by Corot to the nation

The late great artist Lucian Freud has donated this stunning painting 'The Italian Woman or The Woman with yellow sleeves' to the nation and more specifically to the National Gallery. The painting is now on display in Room 41.

With it's strong brush work, the solidity of the form and a certain depth and frankness of the subjects gaze it is perhaps unsurprising that this painting appealed to Lucian Freud when he bought it at auction in 2001.

The painting will join several landscapes by the artist that the gallery already owns. Such as this atmospheric painting 'A Flood'. An appropriate subject considering the weather from the last couple of weeks

The addition of a portrait to the galleries collection gives us a greater insight into the work of this French artist as well as some understanding of the collecting habits and taste of one of Britain's most celebrated artists.

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