Monday 23 December 2013

Advent Calender 2013: Day 24

Choosing an image for the final day of this, my second advent calender, was just as challenging as it was the first time around.

In 2011 I went traditional, with a selection of Italian Renaissance images of the family who started it all ...(Click Here)

This year after much toing and froing I settled on a range of paintings that show how different families through the ages have chosen to celebrate this special day.

Christmas Time or The Blodgett Family 1864 Johnson Eastman

The Christmas Hamper Robert Braithwaite Martineau

Christmas Homecoming (Cover of the post) Norman Rockwell 1948

Christmas Family Gathering Lois Mailou Jones c.1950-55

Steer on home, 109 Cheyne Walk (on Christmas eve) Henry Tonks c.1929–1930 UCL Art Museum

Every family has it's own traditions and there is no right or wrong way to 'do Christmas', you just have to do what makes you and those around you happy. So whether you are feeding the 5000 tomorrow, having a small family gathering, partying it up with friends or just pretending the whole thing isn't happening I wish you a truly Merry Christmas (or just a regular old day).

Advent Calender 2013: Day 23

Visitation of the Magi Beryl Dean Tapestry St George's Chapel Windsor 1969-1974

I can't quite believe that today is the penultimate day of advent but this time of year always flys by. Take a look back through some of the advent images so far, I would love to know your favourites.

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