Friday 15 February 2013

The Big Egg Hunt 2013: Day 4

I had the best morning so far, managing to sell all of my hunt books in the morning which was fantastic! Particularly when you think that £3 (the recommended donation), while very reasonable for what you get, adds up quickly to a substantial donation to Action for Children. It is brilliant to think that just through a mornings work I have made some difference to peoples lives. 

Yesterday was definitely the day for couples doing the hunt but today it was all about the families. Lots of the families that I met had done the egg hunt the previous year and I think they were generally pleased that this year it is contained within the Covent Garden area. It makes the event a little bit easier for youngsters so naturally less stressful for adults.

There is plenty to keep the children entertained throughout the hunt with lots of familiar names and faces.

 Ben 10 egg

Moshi Monster Egg

Humpty Dumpty egg

Thomas the Tank Engine Egg

And don't forget to text the number on the Humpty Dumpty egg to be in for the chance to win a years supply of delicious Lindt chocolate.

Today's Egg of the Day:

Charlie Billingham's 'A Frugal Meal'. Charlie Billingham is an artist working primarly in painting and printmaking but also doing some work with instillations. This young artist is definitely one to watch. At his mid-term show last year the world-renowned art collector Charles Saatchi bought 13 of his works. (

His paintings, this egg included, draw inspiration from 18th Century satirists such as Gillray. And of course the gentleman painted on the egg is engaging in a very appropriate activity.... a good old eggy breakfast.

Gillray John Bull Taking a Luncheon

 Take a look at my posts about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 to learn a bit more about the hunt and don't forget to come down and see the eggs for yourself and help us raise even more for Action for Children.

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