Friday 24 October 2014

Mr Turner screening and Q&A with Mike Leigh

I spent a lovely evening yesterday watching a screening of Mike Leigh's new film Mr Turner. The film was beautiful plenty of stunning scenery and interesting caricaturisation.

Like the Tate's current exhibition it focuses upon the later years of Turner's turbulent life beginning at the height of his fame and success and then taking you through the death of his father, the decline of his health and his relationship with Mrs Booth and his housekeeper Hannah Danby.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the making of this film was that the extraordinary Timothy Spall studied painting for 2 years in order to prepare himself for the role. It adds an authenticity to the film on two levels, firstly it means that the shots of Spall painting can be filmed seamlessly and secondly it gives the sense that the actor understands the character and relates to him on another level. 

To be able to watch it at the Tate a stones throw away from some of the artists most celebrated masterpieces added a whole new dynamic to the screening.

I encourage everyone to go and see the film it is a long one but it is time well spent.