Saturday 9 February 2013

Who What Where When:

Who: José Parlá a Brooklyn based artist
What: This work entitled 'Broken Language' is a mixture of Gesso, Ink, Plaster and Oil on canvas. José Parlá uses his work to express the essence of his experience of an urban environment.
Where: Exhibited at the artist's first solo exhibition at The Haunch of Venison which opened yesterday and will run until 28th March. I can't wait to get down there.
When: 2013

For details on the exhibition Click Here
 And to look at some more of this atist's compelling work Click Here

Friday 8 February 2013

Who What Where When : Cloud Gerhard Richter

Who: Gerhard Richter
What: One of his series of Cloud Paintings (Wolke) treating the subject in different climatic conditions.
Where: On sale at Sotheby's Contemporary Art Evening Auction on the 12th February 2013 for an estimated 7-9 million pounds.
When: The painting is dated 1976 on the back

Take a look at some of the breathtaking works on auction at this event.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Looking for something a little bit different for Valentines day this year?

Gallery shops are always a great source of lovely bits and bobs that you wouldn't find all over the high street. So for a day like Valentine's day when you might be looking for something a bit different and thoughtful they are a gold mine.

Phwor!!! Torso Tea Towel Courtauld Shop Sale Price £3.50
Bloomsbury Silk Scarf Courtuald Shop £35
Keep your loved one safe with an Armour bicycle helmet cover Wallace Collection Shop £25
 The V&A and the Tate have even designated sections of their online shop to Valentine's day pieces.

Honeycomb Bee Necklace by Bill Skinner Sale Price £65
Oh Jeff Cusion Tate £15

You Make Me Card by Christopher Wool Tate £2.50
Chinese Wallpaper Print, one of the many stunning print options available at the V&A

Or if any of these don't tickle your fancy why not have a print made up of your loved one's favorite painting at the National Gallery such as:

Detail of the Angel from the Virgin of the Rocks
or to go another direction.....

Detail from the Ambassadors
.....hey I don't know what you feel about Valentines day.

Monday 4 February 2013

Wellcome Library: The Healing Presence of Art

If you feel like getting some knowledge under your belt this February then I recommend The Healing Presence of Art talk at the Wellcome Library by Richard Cork.

Here he is looking thoughtful
I went to a very similar lecture that he gave on this topic at the Courtauld Institute about a year ago. It opened my eyes to how art has been used over the centuries to adorn hospitals.

My favorite work that he mentioned was the Russian sculptor Naum Gabo's beautiful fountain in the lower garden of St Thomas's Hospital which I had never come across before. It is a truly stunning piece of work that looks different every time you see it. Very suitable as it is a work of art that some patients might see on a daily basis.

For more information on the lecture go the the Wellcome library page and get booking.

Lucian Freud leaves a beautiful painting by Corot to the nation

The late great artist Lucian Freud has donated this stunning painting 'The Italian Woman or The Woman with yellow sleeves' to the nation and more specifically to the National Gallery. The painting is now on display in Room 41.

With it's strong brush work, the solidity of the form and a certain depth and frankness of the subjects gaze it is perhaps unsurprising that this painting appealed to Lucian Freud when he bought it at auction in 2001.

The painting will join several landscapes by the artist that the gallery already owns. Such as this atmospheric painting 'A Flood'. An appropriate subject considering the weather from the last couple of weeks

The addition of a portrait to the galleries collection gives us a greater insight into the work of this French artist as well as some understanding of the collecting habits and taste of one of Britain's most celebrated artists.