Thursday 7 February 2013

Looking for something a little bit different for Valentines day this year?

Gallery shops are always a great source of lovely bits and bobs that you wouldn't find all over the high street. So for a day like Valentine's day when you might be looking for something a bit different and thoughtful they are a gold mine.

Phwor!!! Torso Tea Towel Courtauld Shop Sale Price £3.50
Bloomsbury Silk Scarf Courtuald Shop £35
Keep your loved one safe with an Armour bicycle helmet cover Wallace Collection Shop £25
 The V&A and the Tate have even designated sections of their online shop to Valentine's day pieces.

Honeycomb Bee Necklace by Bill Skinner Sale Price £65
Oh Jeff Cusion Tate £15

You Make Me Card by Christopher Wool Tate £2.50
Chinese Wallpaper Print, one of the many stunning print options available at the V&A

Or if any of these don't tickle your fancy why not have a print made up of your loved one's favorite painting at the National Gallery such as:

Detail of the Angel from the Virgin of the Rocks
or to go another direction.....

Detail from the Ambassadors
.....hey I don't know what you feel about Valentines day.

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