Wednesday 13 February 2013

The Big Egg Hunt 2013: Day 2

Two days in and I am beginning to get a better idea of how the eggs are laid out. Although not how Covent garden is arranged, we are constantly being asked for directions and I have found that my orientation is woefully lacking.

I gave my first stamp today to a lady who had visited all the eggs. She said that with a coffee and lunch break the whole thing had taken her 4 hours. Which was frankly impressive and she was thrilled to have found them all. I think I was even more thrilled to stamp her hunt book.

Taking a warming bunny break

The Lindt freebies continue to go down a storm, I mean why wouldn't they. Although one boy bought the £3 egg hunt pack and had no sooner bitten into his Lindt chocolate bunny then he remembered he had given chocolate up for lent. Ooops!

Graham Hunter's 'This is not an Egg' is proving to be the most elusive egg with lots of people asking after it today.

Without giving the game away here is a little clue.


Egg of the Day:

Today's offering is this stunning egg by Lindsey Spinks a freelance illustrator from North-West London. If the style looks familiar to you that is because her work has appeared in various national newspapers and magazines. There are so many little details on this egg that it pulls you in and you just can't help but look at it. I do recommend having a look at Lindsey's website to see more of her fabulous illustrations. Although best avoid the food and drink section of her portfolio if you have given anything yummy up for lent.

Don't forget to get down to Covent Garden before Sunday to see the eggs for yourself and donate some money to Action for Children.

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