Monday 30 March 2015

Art in Details: Peter Monamy

This will be the first in my series of Art in Details posts.

One of the wonders of looking at art from any era is discovering something in it that you had not seen before or that captures the imagination. At one point it was very popular to have whole books full of details from paintings and now one of the major developments in gallery and museum works is to make works available on the internet with high quality images that you can zoom in on.

These posts will be in that tradition but just focusing on one small detail with the briefest of blurbs. So here goes!

Amidst Peter Monamy's dramatically stormy seascape we are shown a glimpse of two desperate sailors clinging to the rigging of a ship that has just been submerged by a white frothy wave. Looking at the scene you can almost hear the chaos around you and sense their fear. This small detail is a powerful image of the human will to survive pitted against the ferocity of nature.

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