Tuesday 17 January 2012

Some reflections on the glass Shard

Sorry for my absence, have been in Italy for a while, casually giving an accidental presentation to Stephen Fry in Perugia.

Initially my feelings about the shard, the innovative and contraversial new building currently going up in Southwark, were fairly negative. However, having watched in emerge from the landscape over the last year I have become quite fond of this unusual structure.

This fondness is mainly due to the amazing visual parallel that it sets up with the steeples of nearby churches. This parallel will only be increased as the building work progresses. I think it sets up an interesting connection between old and new, unifying these two contrasting elements of the city.

A View of the Shard from the rail approach to Waterloo Station

A View from outside of Waterloo Station

Keep an eye out for these interesting views and see what you think!

Also for more information check out the Shard website: http://the-shard.com/shard 

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