Thursday 14 February 2013

The Big Egg Hunt 2013: Day 3

It's eggxactly half way through my cracking half a dozen days as an eggspert. Phew got all of my puns out of the way there. The weather today was much more amenable to working outside with just a couple of light showers here and there. For these patches of dampness we came well prepared with giant red Action for Children brollies.

The stamps to say the hunt had been completed started to come in thick and fast today as many of the hunters who had started either yesterday or Monday had returned to finish off. So congratulations to everyone who has already finished.

Today saw the launch of Eggbert the troublesome hunt mascot who will keep moving around during the hunt. If you find Eggbert let the Egg Hunt makers know via the Facebook page to be in for the chance of winning some Lindt prizes.

If you are thinking of heading down to enjoy the egg hunt tomorrow or over the weekend then maybe give yourself a bit longer and go to watch one of the fabulous magicians at magic corner. Standing there all day we were able to see lots of their performances and it was always so much more fun when the audience really got involved and enthusiastic. The newspaper trick was my personal favourite and I still can't work it out despite having seen it a couple of times but who knows maybe that says more about me then the trick!

But if you do watch don't forget to put some money in the hat, jar, bowl, hand or whatever is offered as believe me they work blooming hard!

Today's Egg of the Day:

Eggsistentialism is designed by Matt Baxter and Dom Bailey co-founders of Baxter and Bailey a London based communication design studio. I particularly like the little Lion quality stamp on the side. This was introduced in the 1950's to mark out British eggs and then reintroduced in 1998 to show eggs from hens that had been vaccinated against Salmonella. A little random fact for you there.

So get down to Covent Garden to enjoy the hunt and some magic this weekend.

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