Tuesday 12 February 2013

Lindt Big Egg Hunt 2013: Day 1

This year, in the spirit of giving something back, I decided to volunteer on the Lindt Big Egg Hunt. The event was very popular last year and raised around 1 million pounds for Action for Children and Elephant Family. This year the event is raising money for Action for Children.

Me complete with one set of bunny ears!

The egg hunt involves 101 eggs currently distributed around Covent Garden. They have been decorated by artists, illustrators, designers and sponsors and are all completely different and original. After their initial stint in Covent Garden the eggs will then travel around the country visiting Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow before returning to Covent Garden on the 22nd March.

The aim of the game is to find all 101 eggs dotted in and around the covent garden piazza in order to get your hunt book stamped.

You can get the hunt book, a little map, a pen and a scrummy Lindt chocolate from an 'eggspert' like myself for a suggested donation of  £3.  A bargain really considering the hours of fun you could have finding all the eggs.

There is also the extra option of finding the Humpty Dumpty egg and sending a text to the number on the egg's stand. Every day one very lucky sausage will receive a years supply of Lindt chocolate. See if you can spot him in my photographs. 

My first day's experience of volunteering was a pretty cold one, despite my many layers. I got to speak to lots of lovely, friendly and interesting people, including a charming gentleman who obviously had a passion for everything Londonish. He had been up in Spitalfields earlier in the day for the Great Spitalfields pancake race, which from his photos looked absolutely fabulous. I will definitely be attending next year. That is the great thing about volunteering you are able to meet and get chatting to a myriad of different people, which, in a busy city like London is very refreshing.

Naturally the event is particularly popular with families looking for an activity for their day in London. It was fab to watch the children hurtling around finding all the eggs and picking their favorite. The Thomas the Tank engine egg seemed to go down a treat.

Every day I will put up an Egg of the Day and for today's I have chosen..... 

 Penguin's Peter Rabbit Egg. Lets face it he's just too cute.

So get down there, check out the designs, have some fun and help us raise some money for a very deserving charity.


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