Thursday 28 March 2013

Big Egg Hunt 2013: The Auction

Unfortunately I have been pretty busy this week and have been unable to volunteer for Action for Children at the Big Egg Hunt this time around. Hopefully I will be able to slip a couple of days in before it finishes on the 7th. However, I have been following its progress with interest since week one and can wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip to Covent Garden to join in the hunt. At a donation of £3 per hunt pack it's a great way to spend the Easter weekend.

If you have decided to hibernate until warmer weather reaches these shores (and frankly who could blame you) but you are feeling mightily generous then why not take a look at the online egg auction. The action is begining to hot up!

Currently only one egg has sold and it is this stunning egg by Yuki Aruga. On its first visit to London's Covent Garden it was hidden away in Links as you can see in the image. I saw it again today in its new home in the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden. A little post about spas and art will follow soon.....

This egg went for a whopping £7000 which is fantastic as it will make an incredible difference to lots of lives.

So all the rest are still up for grabs. To be honest some of my favourite eggs have yet to be bid for so still lots of gems to be snapped up.

The top 15 most popular at 7.30pm on 28th March are:

1. Yoni (ova 1) Michael Petry – £2500

2. Lindor by Lindt – £1500 

3. Ben 10 “Inside the Omnitrix” by Cartoon Network – £1500

4. Adventure Time “Bro Hug” by Cartoon Network – £1500

5. Humpty Dumpty £1500

6. Anticipation of a Thousand Moments Anna Barlow – £1300

7. Dora the Explorer by Nick Jr - £900

8. Golden James Joyce – £800

9. Peter Rabbit by Penguin - £800

10. Thomas &Friends by HIT Entertainment Limited - £800

11. Lion Estate Frank Laws – £700

12. A Thousand Forests Matthew Dent – £700

13. Spongebob SquarePants by Nicktoons - £700

14. Tie Dye Egg Lindsey Bull – £600

15. All Aboard by Network Rail – £600

But with 10 days to go on the auction and lots of eggs yet to get off the starting blocks I'm sure this will all change soon.

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